About Rose

Rose GantnerRose K. Gantner, EdD, has over thirty years of experience in wellness and counseling psychology. She has worked as CEO for two hospitals for Magellan Health Service and as vice president of managed care, employee assistance programs, and wellness at Corphealth. In addition to founding and directing her own counseling and psychology practice, Dr. Gantner has served as a health management consultant to state government agencies, private organizations, and commercial groups. She is a former Senior Consultant (Health and Productivity) at the WorkPartners Division of UPMC Health Plan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

An accomplished speaker, she has taught clinical psychology and health education at three universities and presented at several national health care conferences. Dr. Gantner, who is listed in World’s Who’s Who of Women, also has published numerous articles on wellness and created a nine-part series of tapes on stress and motivation for American Learning Systems.

She received a citation from the U.S. Department of Defense for serving two tours in the Republic of South Vietnam for the American Red Cross as an executive program director. After her service abroad she earned her master’s degree in Health Education from the University of Pittsburgh and her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University.

Dr. Gantner is a member of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, International Positive Psychology Association, and the National Wellness Institute. She also is a diplomate member of the American College of Wellness.

Rose lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a hillside overlooking the Ohio river. An avid bird-watcher and nature and wildlife photographer, she enjoys walking and bike-riding, as well as reading. She is passionate about travel, which affords her the opportunity to see the wonders of the world and meet new people with her family and special friends.